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Welcome to Earthaven Museum!

Calendar of Events


Wednesday, 5/15/19

Bayshore Community Academy

Tour of Earthaven Museum &

Local Quarry

Wednesday, 5/22/19

Presentation: Geology & History of Iron Mining in the Lake Superior Region

Northwoods Geology Club

Florence, WI

Saturday, 6/1/19

Kyanite Collecting Trip 

Northwoods Geology Club

Friday, 6/7/19

Geology and Nature Activities at

Earthaven Museum

Washington Middle School

Saturday, 6/8/19

Mineral & Fossil Collecting Trip

Oshkosh Earth Science Club &

Weis'N'Miners Club

Friday & Saturday, 7/19/19 & 7/20/19

Gem & Mineral Show

Lakeland Gem Club

Lakeland Union High School

9573 State Hwy 70

Minoqua, WI  54548